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ENXUN Responsibility

Mission and Vision
Creation for Safe Life
Create value for customers and create opportunities for staff, create benefits for shareholders and responsibility for social.

Core Values

Customer Success,Dedication,Teamwork,Openness & Initiative,Responsibility,Pursuing Excellence.
Enxun's core values are rooted in our deepest core beliefs and its guiding ideology and intrinsic motivation of the daily work of Qihan People. We shared commitments to future-oriented and ensure that unison to provide effective services for customers, achieves Enxun’s mission and vision “Creation for Safe Life”.

Customer success and  Dedication
Customer service is the only reason for existence of Enxun, customer demand is the driving force for the development of Enxun. We adhere to customer-centric, rapid response to customer demand, continuing to create long-term value for customers to help customer success. The evaluation of the ruler and the direction of our work is to provide effective services for customers, customer success is our success.


We do not have any scarce resources can rely on, only the hard work can win the respect and trust of our customers. Struggle is reflected in any small activities that create value for customers, as well as the efforts to improve ourselves in the process of labor preparation. We adhere to make fighting as the basic, and make the striver get a reasonable return.


Trust ourselves, trust the partner. Good team spirit is the banner, it calls on all people who agree with the team spirit, voluntarily gather under the banner and fight for the goal of both personal and enterprise.


Openness and initiative
Being open and initiative, not only need to forward in good times, but also need to survive in a difficult environment, and always maintain high-spirited. Innovative, challenging, surpassing, constantly learn new knowledge and pursue the best practices is the motive power for company's success and growth.


Responsibility is really important. Select a responsibility is to select the loyal and also chose no regrets. Let’s turn pressure into motivation, stimulate the intellect and the will when facing responsibility, and be brave to undertake and make a difference!


Pursuing excellence
The pursuit of excellence is a power, is a competitiveness of company, and the guarantee of an enterprise being enduring. Persons can be high-quality through the pursuit of excellence, which make the company high-quality, and become the driving force of sustainable development of enterprises