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CSR Concept


It has been dozens of years since the conception of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) appeared. At the very beginning, it was made to meet the basic requisition of law or avoid of being prosecuted. But Since 21 century, CSR has raised concerns and become the engine of a new generation that push the development of enterprises —— only in this way can a corporate build up its visualization of "conscientious" extensively.

In a few words, CSR brings many advantages of helping a corporate to redound upon society by means of its economic, environmental and social activities. According to a survey from the authoritative Institute for Business Value, leaders of corporations have made strategic changes of their opinions on how enterprises affect the globe and society. However, many leaders still develop blindly.

More than two thirds of interviewee of the corporation leaders still orientate on achieving profit through CSR activity, while more than two thirds of people think they hold enough information to satisfy customers' concerning on CSR.

Whereas, less than a fourth part corporations can understand customers' concerning on CSR, and much less of the corporations will actively assist customers' attention on CSR.

Nevertheless, those corporations who integrate CSR into its own strategy and operations can still get long-term benefit and obvious rising achievement. According to the point of economist,"the most simplest way of leading in CSR is to find the best balance point between profit and society welfare." In addition, more than half of directors in 250 corporations reach a consensus and consider that it is CSR activities brings the competitive advantages than their competitors.

Reason of Concerning on CSR

CSR help corporations Attract and Keep the Most Excellent Person. Actually, 44% young professional declare that they have bad impression on a corporation with bad reputation, and more than a half professionals think corporate responsibility should be a kind of obligations.

CSR help corporations Stand Out. Toyota, the company that firstly promote Mild-Hybrid, win its popularity by Prius. The visualization of "Green Car"successfully helped Toyota beat its competitors entering into the Mild-Hybrid market.

CSR help corporations enter Into the New Emerging Market. For example, GlaxoSmithKline invest and research the specific machine aiming at several conventional diseases in poor countries so that they could cooperate with the local government actively and protect the patients very well.

Enxun, taking the innovative technology and professional experience based approach, help build a harmonious society, actively fulfill its corporation society obligations and make contribution to the sustainable development of society economic and environment.

CSR Aspiration

Enxun is dedicating to make everyone enjoy a safe and high quality life.


Provide a growing and self-fulfillment platform to help employee be succeed.

Business Rules

Enxun strictly carry out the law of domestic and international, fulfill its liability to pay taxes, build up a responsible image as an international company based on honesty and integrity.

Society Contribution

Enxun insist on the conception of rebound society and encourage its employee to care the society.

Environmental Protection

Enxun emphasizes on environmental protection and sustainable development, concerning of employees healthy and providing Green products to users.

Public Welfare Undertaking

Enxun actively devoted into the social charitable causes and rebound society to its fullest extent possible.

Now All System Go

 Enxun has been devoted on CSR for many years, and speed up its execution as the following two factors comes up: the first is the Influence of climate Warming; the other is the internet that aggregates the common people coming into being activities. Along with the gradual serious problem of climate warming and media's concerning, Enxun realized that there must be many new challenges of obtaining admittance from Healthcare industry and reaching high security level of production level.

Ethical Consumers (the minority at one time) have been coming into the main dream gradually. They can not only inspect your products but also can supervise the section of your operation process, suppliers and partners. Only if a corporation takes a broad and long-term view, it can foresee what adverse influence will happen and affect their brand and corporate image in case they cannot meet requirement of those developmental oriented responsibilities.

What Should A Corporation Do?

Did you know? How do you insure this new generation benefit empowered people cooperate with you? What should you do if they do not work with you? The best way for a company to enlarge its CSR's programming range is working together with these principal, employee, commonweal organizations and business partners by topen policy, shared information rather than being revealed.

Establishing CSR strategic is a good chance of renewing a corporation's image. Though quite few plan could attract the passion of employee from all levels, while CSR is one of them. At the same time, CSR is also indispensible for a company. As the ever-increasing demand of information, only when employees contact the clients directly, he can ascertain the customers' real demand. To achieve in this is to realize a corporation's transparency.

Where Should We Start From?

The "Value Curves "introduced here explained the business conversion from "CSR Cost Style"to"CSR Strategic Style". It relates to many stages and the leaders must understand from where to put the CSR into a strategic position, what kinds of position the company stands now and which position the company would achieve.

Only when all these activities in this curves integrated into the whole corporation's strategic and all employee from every level participate into it, CSR will bring the corporation its ultimate advantages.

When a corporation integrates CSR into its strategic, operation and decision-making, the development of CSR changed from only to be with the law to realize its increasing incoming and brand diversity. But there will be a conception of the constancy of species: the solving of problem to a large extent depends on the exact definition of customers and demand of other affected interests.