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Core Values

EnXun people always maintain a firm"s integrity. With great enthusiasm, Qihan People try our best to promote the success of clients, to ensure that the customer is always its first beneficiary.

Our main Value Concept is: For disseminating of the excellent culture of society, providing customers with quality products, enhancing the value of life for employees.
Military, schools, home is our team-building purposes. This concept comes to us as a source of cohesion. We have strict obedience and unity as army; lively, love and enterprising as school; intimate trust and warmth as home.
Loyalty, open-minded, hardworking, cooperative, thrift, Thanksgiving is our quality of life. Each Qihan staff is working with the mind of Thanksgiving to our lives; to each individual who contributes the company"s growth.
Resources will be depleted; however, the culture is endless. Enxun Company doesn’t have natural resources, but we have rich men intelligence. Good spirit is the resources to make rich material; the material is conducive to the consolidation of spiritual civilization. We adhere to the spiritual principle of the promotion material.
United, efficiency, innovation, excellence is our business philosophy. Conscientious and responsible staff and effective management team is Enxun company’s greatest wealth. Respecting knowledge, respecting individuality and collective struggle helps us keep inherent requirement of sustainable growth.
We accept extensive absorption of talents in various fields, both at home and abroad. With an open mind of studying outstanding enterprises in independent innovation, which based on flexible, open and cooperative attitude, we have established a strong and excellent talent team.
Enxun works with our customers on the basis of mutual benefit. We make Efforts to explore the distribution of performance appraisal in accordance with the internal power mechanism. We award our staffs’ equals to their efforts and their contribution to our company.
Quality is our self-esteem. Good quality is all Qihan company striving for! We never accept the flaws, never manufacture defects, never accept defects that do not pass our strict criteria.
Value Creation
Labor, knowledge, entrepreneurship and capital are Enxun Company’s full value.
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Love the motherland, love the cause, love life, sense of responsibility, spirit of innovation, professionalism and spirit of unity and cooperation are the essence of our corporate culture, seek truth from facts is that we act criteria.
Social Responsibility
Enxun Company serves our country and contributes to our city with company"s development.We make unremitting efforts to contribute to the great prosperity of the motherland and the Chinese nation"s revitalization, for our family’s happiness.
The growth of power
Opportunities, talent, products are the main traction of our company’s growth. These three forces are united and grow together. Opportunities attract talent, talents improve products, and good products bring more opportunities. With these growth powers, Qihan grows fast and work in advance as always..
We will be in accordance with the U.S. cause the requirements of sustainable growth, the establishment of each period of reasonable profitability and profit targets, rather than simply the pursuit of profit maximization, we will plan to return to normal excluding large-scale marketing.
Growth rate
We pursuit the fastest growth when we making profit margins. We must achieve and maintain higher speed than the average growth rate of whole industry and our key competitors. To achieve this goal, we try our best to enhance the company"s vitality, attract the best talent, and achieve the best allocation of resources. In the Information and Electronic industry, you may become a leader, you may be eliminated. We are the leader
What Enxun People pursuit is that: to realize security implementation at the customer"s success, and to make Qihan become the industry leader in security. We are paying our great effort to optimize our products, enhance our service, and enrich our content. In order to work ahead in the competitive market, Qihan People keep learning in advance, growing forward and stay our great enthusiasms and vitality as always!
Value Distribution
Efficiency, Fairness and stable development is the basic principle of our value distribution work The basis of distribution according to work are: the ability, responsibility, contribution and work attitude. Distribution according to work should be fully opened gap, the distribution curve in order to maintain continuous and there is no inflection point. Equity allocation is based on the sustainability of the contribution; highlight the talents, virtues and responsibilities. Distribution according to work and according to the proportion of funding allocated to the appropriate distribution and allocation of quantity increase or decrease in proportion to the company"s sustainable development principles.
We are on the way to implement the Employee Stock Ownership. We award excellent staffs, formed the company with the benefit of the staff and the fate of the Community. On the other hand, we will continue to make the most responsible and talented people into the company"s backbone layer.Enxun Company has value which can be allocated
The distribution of our value is: opportunity, terms, wages, bonuses, medical insurance, equity, dividends, and other treatment personnel. Our distribution works according to work effort and personal capacity in our company.
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Reasonableness of Value Distribution
We follow the law of value, persist truth. We introduce the external market pressures and a fair competition mechanism, to build a fair and objective evaluation system for the value and continuous improvement, to make sure the value of the distribution system is reasonable. The reasonableness of the value distribution brings great competitive power and success to the company. Also, it brings with staff morale and sense of belonging to the company.