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Business Policy

Business Direction
We focus on the demands of security products as our short and medium term business direction. We break through focal point; introduce leading methods to cast off the passive situation at low-level market war. At the same time, we develop relevant security products.

Business Model
Our business model is to seize each opportunity to form a positive feedback from virtuous circle in the shortest time by large-scale sweep-style marketing way, and get full access to excess profits at the first time. We continuously optimize our sophisticated products, control the price competition, expand and consolidate our leading position of strategic market. We are in accordance with the requirements of the above business model to set up our organizational structure and professional team, and continuously improve our overall operational capability.

Resources Allocation
We believe in scale effect. Base on the key of success and the growth point of our selected strategy, we allocate resources by far away exceeding our major competitors. We only have two choices, do or not do. Once we decide to do, we will make our greatest efforts to input the human, material and financial resources to achieve breakthroughs in main areas. Our guideline is to give the best staff with sufficient authority and necessary resources to achieve their assigned mission.

Strategic Alliance
We attach importance to a wide range of reciprocal cooperation and the establishment of strategic partnership, and actively explore variety of external forms of cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit. Future competition will be the supply chain competition. So we not only focus on our own sales growth, but also pay attention to optimize our whole supply chain.

Market Position
Enxun’s market orientation is the TOP equipment supplier in security industry.
Market position is the core objective of marketing. As a security equipment supplier, the main point of market strategy is to obtain a competitive advantage. Market expansion is an integrated operation of a company; we must transfer market pressures through the impact of the immediate interests of every employee, and constantly improve the company"s holistic response capability.

Sales & Marketing network
Sales and marketing architecture includes sales system and marketing system. Our sales system is based on clients, and our marketing system is based on products. These two systems build up our sales & marketing network as matrix.

Marketing Team-building
We attach importance to nurture a qualified team of sales engineers and marketing managers with high team spirit. We pay great attention to discover and bring up strategic marketing managers and international marketing talent.
Our marketing team is build up with long-term goal, motivated and driven by common enterprise, responsibility and honor.