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Organizational Policy

The Policy of Establishing Organization
The establishment and consummation of Enxun organizations must:
1. Be conducive to intensify the responsibility and ensure that the company"s goals and strategies will be realized.
2. Be helpful to simplify the flow and respond customers’ needs as well as market changes rapidly.
3. Help to improve efficiency of collaboration and reduce management costs.
4. Be propitious to exchange information, accelerate innovation and let the talented person come to the fore.
5. Be helpful to cultivate future managers and ensure company’s persistent development.

The principle of establishing organization
Enxun will always be an integrated organization

The Managers’ Duties
The managers’ basic duty is to carry out their works initiatively and responsibly according to the company"s tenet. Make the company a promising future, making the working to be efficient and the staff full of achievements. Managers’ performance to fulfill these three basic duties decides how much their subordinates accept their authority and legitimacy.

Regional branch is a subsidiary set off according to the territory, wholly-owned or controlled by the headquarter and with authorized juridical person. Region branch must pursue development by taking full advantage of resources assigned as well as company’s common resources and take full responsibility for profits in its regional market and business filed. The headquarter and other departments should not make same business to the regional branch in the regional market charged by regional branch, which may cause competition. Other departments business expanding should be on the basis of supporting the region branch.

Evolution of Matrix Structure
When the department specialized in the ability and the department specialized in its object operate across each other, it brings in matrix structure.

Senior Management Organization
The company"s senior management committee includes Strategic Management Committee and the Human Resources Committee.

Senior Manager’s Responsibilities
Strategic Management Committee is responsible for determining the company"s mission, strategies and objectives. It is also the decision-maker for the company’s on major and important issues to ensure company’s persistent development.The final decision will be executed with approval by the president after meeting with officers.

Institution of Decision-making
We adhere to the principles of democratic decision-making and management by authority.
Decision-making is based on the company"s tenet, objectives and basic policies. The principle of decision-making is to follow the virtuous not the group. The truth often lies in the hands of a small number of people. It is necessary to create an environment where different opinions exist and will be released. Once the decision is made, management by authority will be put into practice.
Our policy is to keep democracy for senior managers democracy, let them fully play to their intelligence; reinforce the juniors’ execution and make sure the responsibility is put into effect.
President has the right to make a final decision, but he should well consider other person’s suggestions.

Guide Line for Senior Managers’ Conduct
Senior managers should have the following credits.
1. Be enterprising and conscious of hardship and urgency, take personal risks for the company"s entire and important business decisions.
2. Insist the company"s interests is more important than department’s benefits and individual interests.
3. Take different advice from other stuff and unite all people can be united.
4. Strengthen to cultivate train his own character and morality, be honest and with good self- discipline.