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Controlling Policy

We must build comprehensive management controlling and necessary system to ensure the unity of strategic, policy and culture.On this basis the authorization is delivered to managers, in order to set a active, effective and stable situation where there is not only goal leading and benefit driving, but also process relying and system guarantees.

The goal for further improving management of control system is, establishing the full budget system, cost control system, Quality Mnagement & Assurance System, business procedure system, Accounting Supervision System, File system and Project Management System, while effectively controlling the important field related with survival and development, establishing the standard operating pattern mode of large corporation.

The management is according to the following principle.
Layered Principle. Management control must be layered. Going over a grade and Exceeding Authority will break the liable base for management control.

Exception Principle. The regulations and procedure should be made for the repeating work, which being authorized to subordinates. Superior is mainly charge of exception.

Classification controlling principle. Make Classification controlling according to department and task. Take merit system controlling of responsible goal on medium-to-high-end management department, quantity and quality controlling on factory working department, and task responsible system on administration department.

Leading principle. The examination of management controlling system on performance of departments should urge department manager to make decision for maximizing the benefit of our company.

Enxun insist on enforcing management control. At the same time we acknowledge that the action of departure from budget or standard is not always wrong, only awarding those economize expenditure is not always a good way. Enxun encourages staffs and department managers initiatively take action according to the purpose and the goal of Company, when the management controlling system is not perfect and when the environment and the condition change.

Even if one business doesn’t go well though researched together and considerate plan, the failure should not be censured, but should be encouraged.

Quality Objective
Our goal of quality.
Keeping step with the international trends.
Creative designing, producing high cost ratio production.
Products have trouble-free for 500 days average.
Start from the smallest details, fully satisfying clients’ requirements.
Make delivery of the goods without a mistake, comprehensive after-sales service; considerate client training, and passionate ordering and returning.

Cost Control
Cost is the key winning factor in the market competition. Cost should be reasonable controlled from the angle of product value chain, balancing comprehensive income of the devotion and output.
The important controlling factors for the cost should be including:
1. Design cost.
2. Purchasing cost and Subcontracting cost.
3. Quality cost, specially the maintaining cost for the product quality and working efficiency.
4. Store cost, especially for wastes of version upgrading.

Crisis Cnsciousness
We should know that, Enxun are not only face crisis, but face opportunity. The Objective of Crisis management is change crisis into opportunity, making company step into a new growing stage.
The guiding principle of Macro-management is opposite but uniform degree when dealing with the important relationship in company development. One of the aims is at cultivating management elite. All managers should work seriously, grasping the spirit essence, mastering the thinking way.