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Human Resource Policy

The vast sustainable growth of Enxun, fundamentally depends on organization’s construction and the cultural reconstruction. Therefore, the basic goal of the human resources management is to establish a troop which in a great high quality, high boundary , high unite ,as well as creates one kind of mechanism that is self-encouragement, self-restraint and promotion outstanding talented person"s blooming, providing the safeguard for company"s fast growth and the highly effective operation.

Regardless of the position of all staff, in the personality all is equal. The human resources management basic criterion is fair, equal, and public. When selecting the talented person, we request “to have both ability and integrity”, the basic unit promotes to the intermediate depends on the skill, the intermediate promotes “integrity” high-level certainly places first, certainly must have the dedication to work, certainly must treat as the enterprise as his own life.

The common values are: we make the fair appraisal to the staff the criterion; proposing the explicit challenging goal and duty to each staff is the basis for us to evaluate the staff’s achievement; The ability and potential of the staff which displayed in the processing of finishing the duty is a more important fair standard than school record .

Enxun Carries out the efficiency first also gives dual attention to the fair principle. We encourage each staff to compete on the foundation of sincere cooperation , responsibility pledge ,And for staff"s development, we provides the fair opportunity and the condition. Each staff should strive for opportunity depending upon his own diligent and talent, improves his own quality and ability though working and studying; satisfies his own achievement by creatively completing the duty. We fundamentally deny the appraise and the value assignment superficiality, compete with the egalitarianism.

We hold the opinion that follow the public principle is essential to guarantee fair and equal of human resources management. The company major policy and the system formulation, mustfully solicit the suggestions and the consultation. Damps luckily, the bright appraisal, enhances the transparency which the system carries out. We fundamentally denyNon-government, non-organization, and undisciplined individualism behavior.

Human Resource Management Systerm
We do not do the lifelong employment system, but this doesn’t mean our staff cannot work the lifelong time in Enxun. We advocate the free employment system, but does not divorce from China"s reality.

Internal Labor Market
We establish internal labor market and introduce competes -choicesmechanism in the human resources management.Through internal labor market and exterior labor market replacement, promoting outstanding talented person blooming, realizing human resources reasonable disposition and activation bed of precipitation. And fulfilling the human suit for the duty, duty suit for human.

Human Resource Management Responsibility
Human resources management is not only the affair of human resources Department,moreover is all superintendent"s responsibility. All departments’ superintendents have the responsibility to record, to instruct, to support, to encourage and to appraise the subordinate personnel"s work reasonably, and also have the responsibility to help the subordinate personnel’s grows. The talent display of the subordinate personnel and the recommendation of them are the key points to decide the promotion of the manager and the Human affair treatment.

Staff"s Responsibilities
We encourage staff to have the consciousness and the behavior which consistent with the company’s goal and his own job.
Each staff makes the contribution for the company’s goal by excellent finishing his duty. The staff should expand vision ,comprehend the request and company’s goal , form the mode to makecontribution for other people, improve the skill of the cooperation level .On the other hand, the staff should observe the restriction relations, avoid overstepping authority and get involved in another"s affairs, expose the management loophole and the question which caused by the unclear responsibility.
The staff has the duty to jump the ranks realistically the report in the management malpractice and the mistake which covers. Allows the staff to act in own discretion in the emergency case, grasps the opportunity for the company, avoids risks, as well as to make contribution to reduces the disaster. The staff must keep secret for the company.

Staff"s Rights
Each staff has the basic rights which include consultation right, the suggestion right, Complaint right and have reservations right.
The staff has the right to propose the consultation to the boss on the basis to guarantee the job or business developed smoothly, the boss has the responsibility to make the reasonable explanation. The staff has the rationalization proposal right to improve the management and the supervisory to work. The staff is authorized to think unfair processing, Proposes the appeal to the direct boss. The appeal must be realistic, proposed by the written form, does not have to interfere with the labor of duty or disturb organization"s normal operation. All levels of managers all must give the explicit answer to the subordinate staff"s appeal as soon as possible. The staff is authorized to retain his own opinion, but cannot influence work.Boss should not be different to his staff due to different discrimination.

Enxun’s examines and critiques system established on the basis of the following supposition:
1.Staff is willing to develop together with the company, is highly self-respected and has the intense achievement desire.
2. The gold does not have the pure gold, the human does not have the perfect human; The merit prominent person also have obvious shortcomings.
3. The work manner and working ability should display in the work achievements and improvements.
4. The defeat promote succeeds, but the same mistake should not happen.
5. The staff has not been able to meet the examination and critique standard requirements, also is the superintendent"s responsibility. Staff"s result is superintendent"s result.

Examination and Critique Methods
Establish the objective fair value appraisal system is a long-range mission of Enxun’s human resources management. The staff and cadre"s examination and critique on each staff and cadre"s work achievements, work manner and working ability according to the explicit goal and the request, it is also one kind of routine inspection and appraisal. Work achievements examination stress in achievements improvement, Work manner and working ability examination and critique stress in long-term performance, better detailed not compressed. The examination and critique result should be recorded, and the examination and critique essential factor should keep pack with the company’s different time growth request.
Regularly report system should be established between each upper and lower layer manager .Between all levels of managers and the subordinate all must good the communicate to strengthen the mutual understanding and the trust. The communication will be included to all levels of manager"s examination. The staff and cadre"s examination and critique should be vertically and horizontally all-directional. At the same time, they have appeal right.

Recruit and Employment
Enxun attract and gather the world first-class talented person depends on it’s objective and the culture , the achievement and the opportunity, as well as the policy and the treatment. We pay great attention to human"s quality, potential, moral character, e school record and experience in the Recruit. According to the two-way job choice principle we provide objective also coordinated pledge on the uses, promotion and development of the talented person.
We will determine the reasonable structure of talent according to the company in the different time strategy and the goal.

Fire and Dismiss
We use internal labor market’s competition- elimination mechanism, establish the procedure to dismiss and to resign staff. But forcefully dismiss who violates the company’s discipline and creates the serious harm to the company, because of seeks the personal benefit according to the related system.

Reward and Treatment
In the reward and the treatment, we incline steadfastly to the outstanding staff.
The wages assignment implements based on ability principle function wage system; Bonus assignment and department directly related with individual achievements improvement; We cannot sacrifice the company’s long-term benefit to satisfy the staff short-term benefit maximized, but the company guarantee staff"s average per person yearly income is higher than the region profession corresponding maximum level in the good economical stage and in the booming time .

Each staff has the qualification promotion chance by his hard working and the talent which grows in the work, retain duty fair competition mechanism to Corresponds with this, firmly carry out go up- down cadre system. Company follows the rule that the talented person to grow, The objective fair examination and critique result is the basis condition for the most sense of responsibility sensible person to shoulder the important responsibility. We do not rigidly adhere to the qualifications and records the rank, organizes the goal and the enterprise opportunity request according to the company, we can make an exceptional promotion for those special talented person according to the company’s goal and under the institutional screening procedure, But, we advocate proceeds in an orderly way.