ENXUN 2012

Reliable Long-Term Partners

By the end of 2012, our products have been sold to over 70 countries worldwide. We established a strategic partnership with vast majority of leading distributors in Europe, North America, South America and other developed and emerging markets.
ENXUN has grown into one of the leading industry with its steady & speedy sales volume growth for all these years. Sound operation helps us establish long-term partnerships and create long-term value for customers.

Continuous Innovation Based on Customer Demand

To better meet customer demand, we insist on open collaboration. We have a customer-demand-driven research and development process which enhances customer value and to promote ENXUN’s continual innovation on its technology, products, solutions and business.
During the past year, we have deep collaboration with our customers, we approach and solve with our customers on their problems, and by this we rapidly transform advantages of products and solutions into customer's commercial competition advantage.

Leading-Edge Products and Innovative Technologies

At present, our business covers Security Monitoring Equipment, Network Digital Products  and software. Our mainstream products provide customers with a competitive market and help customers win a leading position in the industry and meanwhile help them build long-term competition advantage.


In 2012, we improved customer-centric business process framework, ensured the effective growth of the company. At the same time, we have further strengthened local presence construction for customers by granting direct customer service organization and its staff with more decision-making power so that they can quickly call the resources to ensure quick response to customer demand and high-quality delivery.