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Enxun Team Oration

Management Team Oration

"Change" is the eternal theme of high-tech industry. To size up the trend of events, to adapt to change and steer change is one of essential factors for enterprise survival and success. As a leading provider in the industry who accustomed to take the initiative to respond to the challenges. ENXUN, during the past five years, has been uninterruptedly injecting fresh vitality into the technology and market---Today, ENXUN is further integrating its development strategies and is rapidly opening up its international markets by making full use of the advantages of talent and capital.

Every little progress we gain relies on cooperation and support of the entire industry. ENXUN has, during its own continuous technological innovation period, kept assisting its partners in developing innovative products and services, and actively promote the industry standards development, thereby to achieve the harmonious development of the whole industry.

Today, no matter the market size, manufacturing capacity, or innovation potential, China has made striking achievements that enough to bring whole world’s attention. ENXUN is willing to continue close collaboration with our partners to make greater success.

At present, the complex world economic situation has brought all sorts of variables to Security Equipment Industry development, but in the long run, global security equipment industry as a whole is not affected by the financial crisis.

Customer's business success will bring about ENXUN an effective increase. In 2009, the driving force of our growth will be mainly from Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and other markets. With customers’ increasingly profound understanding of the unique value of ENXUN, our global strategic partnership will be further enhanced.

The past year was a very unusual year to China and even to the whole world. However, ENXUN still maintained sustained growth with concern and support from majority of customers, partners and industry colleagues; we hereby would like to extend sincere thanks to you all!

Visioning the future, Innovation, cooperation, sharing and growth will play main theme in ENXUN’s development. ENXUN will continue to deepen cooperation among industry enterprises and promote technology R & D and innovation on products, and would spare no effort to carry out its commitment for global market and users, growing together with the motherland!

ENXUN Technology Co., Ltd. (Management Team)