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Letter for New Staff
Welcome to join in Qihan
Enxun is a team full of ideal and passion as well as creative, enterprising and vigorous. It’s lucky for you to have joined in Enxun, also fortunate for Enxun to have co-operated with you. We would like to enjoy working here together based on mutual belief and kind understanding, which is the bridge and link between both to happily strive.
To love our motherland and nation is required here, only if which we’re able to work hard without any grumble. Whenever and wherever we cannot do anything that is betraying our country and nation. Everyone is required to obey all kinds of rules of Enxun strictly. It’s available to break it only when it’s been revised for the unreasonable rules.

All must be strict with ourselves, kind to others, insist on truth and good at criticism for self and others that will be good for improving ourselves and helping others. Everyone should study the Japanese from their hard working; also learn from the Germany from their careful working. ‘Cause opportunity is always more for the diligent than the fantasy.

It’s filled with chance and fair competition here for long term development. As long as you’re full of thought, hard working, modest study, continuously progressive, you’ll receive the fair evaluation finally. What’s more, it is a way to obtain success from doing well in learning.

Team work and strong sense of professionalism is the inexhaustible source of Qihan. You’ll find out that you’ll do better and acquire greater success benefiting from team work. It is inherent requirement of our career to get the sustainable growth based on the premise that Qihan’s common goals and the overall image, respecting knowledge and personality, collectively strive.

Since winter is not the end but means new life and new beginning of hope, so let’s go ahead more energetically and strengthen our sense of crisis, based on the spirit of “the rising” of thought, rationally and objectively analyze and solve all the problems that we’re facing.

Enxun likes an endless platform, whether the show is wonderful and superior or not, it depends on all of us in the team. Enxun will try all of her best to discover, believe and encourage the talents. We must integrate into our team, fully show our talent, co-cultivate a positive and healthy corporate culture, and create a glorious Enxun.

I’m looking forward to see you show your talent and grow up together with Enxun in the harmony and full of enthusiasm ideal environment. As a member of the team, I would like to thanks for all of your hard working!

Best regards.
Enxun Tech